INNOVATIVE: Over 10 years ago, Dutch Dog Design and its DoggyRide brand pioneered the biking-with-yourdog outdoors experience. With user feedback and personal intrigue, we continue to expand the outdoors experience with the inclusion of items such as dog strollers, bike baskets, the Buddy hands-free dog leash connector, and Cycleciser dog bike exerciser.
We continue to explore avenues for improving the quality of life for our dogs and it is with this desire that we created our DoggySnooze line of elevated, chew-resistant, modular, design-your-own dog beds and feeders. Additionally, we have a passion for design and art, which is expressed in our Dutch Dog Amsterdam line of
eco-friendly leashes and collars showcasing one-of-a-kind works of art.

SOLUTION-ORIENTED DESIGN: Form follows function is our design philosophy - we love great designs, though function is our goal, first and foremost. All of our products, where applicable, have this core functional philosophy behind them and wherever we are able to, we try to make them multi-functional as well. It started with the dog bicycle trailer that can turn into a stroller and a portable crate to support all outdoor activities. The Buddy multi-activity dog leash connector is designed to support different outdoor activities with a
walking/hiking version, a running variant and a cycling gear addition. The modular design of our elevated pet furniture line allows for creating multiple versions of dog beds for indoor and outdoor use, and different types of dogs and owners.

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: There is a Dutch philosophy behind our products of having quality and safety come first. We believe that a lot of overall waste is created by the use of low quality toxic materials. The products we design last for a long time and several have a lifetime warranty on certain components. All of our product materials are tested for lead, cadmium, or phthalates and whenever possible we use recycled materials. Another aspect of being socially responsible is giving back to the community. We do that by donating products
to dog well-being related causes and for people by supporting the Free Wheelchair Mission.